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A lot of my posts will be queued now because I'm in school, and most of the time when I'm online, I'm queuing things :)

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23rd- Camille


Sia | Chandelier [Piano Version]

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blog rates cause i haven’t done them in so long (and i got cute sweaters)


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Feelin cute uwu


make me choose meme

jeholy asked: Sif or Maria Hill?

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Imagine that Natasha loves to sing in the shower. Loudly


she’s a good singer, though, which makes it bearable.

the best days are the ones when she’ll hear her boys harmonizing with her from the other side of the door, bucky as a bass and sam able to hit high falsetto notes with steve somewhere in the middle.

one day the four of them are in the tower when natsha starts humming, and before the other avengers know it they’ve broken out into a perfect barbershop quartet rendition of “bohemian rhapsody”, which jarvis discreetly uploads to youtube.

"hey, now you can’t use the excuse that all the men in your barbershop quartet are dead," natasha jokes to steve, and he hits her with a pillow.


Hey! I finally reached 1.5k and wanted to thank you all by making a follow forever c: I was going to do this at 1k but ya’know lazy & all that shit so I’ve put it off till now.

I follow hundreds of blogs but the ones below are my absolute faves - bolded blogs are mutuals/ones I secretly admire from a far (not so secret now oops

Thank you all for making my dashboard so fun & lively (◕‿◕✿) 


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Awww thank you!!!

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Blogrates because i have a birthday page!


I’ve just made a birthday page wooo so im going to do blogrates :)

Ɛ> Ɛ> Ɛ> Ɛ>  Format under the cut  <3 <3 <3 <3

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blogrates bc its the weekend and the weather is a++


also im reading the maze runner and its very good


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rates under the cut

blacklist “alyssa does blogrates”


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hey everyone! this will be my first blog of the season, so i’m super super pumped (and i hope you are too)! 

♥ rules 

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  • winners will be announced sometime in november

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  • multifandom blogs or blogs centered around fandoms i blog about (find list here)
  • clean and organized theme
  • tagging system
  • nice posts
  • friendly blogger
  • brownie points for good url + icon!

♥ what the winner gets 

  • a follow back from me if i’m not already
  • a spot in my updates until the end of fall (dec. 22nd)
  • six promos whenever you want them (just ask!)
  • an edit/graphic/gif (based on url or whatever you want)
  • my love and friendship til the end of the line

♥ what the runner ups get 

  • a follow back from me if i’m not already
  • a spot in my updates until the end of fall (dec. 22nd)
  • two promos whenever they want (just ask!)
  • my love and friendship til the end of the line

get reblogging lovelies 

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dear cas